Let’s learn Gwich’in: Sreendit (Spring)

Chiitaii drin díinzhít – It’s a long day
Chiitaii drin goo’aii – It is light outside
Chiitaii yahkèe – It is dawn
Et’ee sreendit nigwìizhit – It is spring time
Chiitaii zhoh nàaghàii – Snow melting
Chiitaii gwiniidhaa – It’s warm outside
Vadzaih nał’in – I see caribou
Chiitaii gasriinii’aii – It’s sunny outside
Tuu hijii – Ice is moving
Tuu khàdànaanaii – Ice is breaking up
Dats’an nał’in – I see ducks
Nanagwaalii drink – Easter
Ch’ichèe zrii – April
Ch’izhin zrii – March
Gwilùu zrii – May
Tl’yah tr’an – Dragonfly
Jesus Gatr’ałtsak drin – Good Friday
Ge’ ha’aii – Sunrise
Ne’ a’aii – Sunset
Ch’at’an nizii – Flowers
Ts’iigyùu – Rhubarb
Ch’ii shoo’aa – Mosquito bit me

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