Didee & Didoo – Poem “Old Crow Trading Post”


Philip Dicquamare came from France

and Old Crow he found by chance.

Philip was a French man

and a trading post he ran.

I remembered it was around 1964

that he had a log cabin store.

Philip’s store was by the river bank,

he had a stove made from a gas tank.

He stored some food in a high cache

and we only paid with cash.

Back then you can buy with a penny

but most times I never had any.

Philip always spoke in French

an’ he sold everything including wrench.

His English was very weak

and Gwichin he couldn’t speak.

Philip would sit on a bench

and sing to us in French.

In Old Crow he had a good life

this is where he met his wife.

I always thought Philip was real dandy

‘cause sometimes he gave us free candy

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