My Son, Edward

My son Edward Kyikavichick is handicapped.

Since birth, he lived in Whitehorse in a foster home for many years. This allowed us, his parents, to live and practice their traditional lifestyle in Old Crow. Since the elderly couple Lynn and Roy Smith, well respected, passed on, he now lives at home. 

Edward goes out on the land in the spring, well-equipped with medication. He helps out daily with chores at camp. He can split wood and pile it, neatly stacked by the tent. This spring he split wood to last for three weeks. Every day he packed snow from the river to keep the water fresh and full.

Each day he collects garbage, he ties it neatly near river banks, then it is taken to town. Edward stands by Porcupine River with binoculars, looking up and down river to check out of any danger, or to spot any game.

When mom and dad are busy, he does dishes and keeps the tent clean and neat.  When mom is cutting caribou meat to dry for jerky, Edward hangs the meat on the pole. The next day he helps mom take the meat down, puts the meat in a clean bag, a little at a time, and steps on it. The meat is taken out and stuck in about six places, and hung between two poles. It’s left to dry completely for two to three days, then taken down.

Edward is always busy looking for some work to do. Edward has disabilities, but he sure can do a lot of good work.  

Edward is in Canadian Rangers and has done well. To be included gives him high self-esteem and mom and dad always praise him for his good work.

Edward does chores at home in town: dishes, garbage, laundry, sweeping, making beds, going shopping for groceries, and at times does other work outdoors.

What a guy!

Mom and dad are elderly. Normally elders have home care workers, but because of Edward’s excellent participation mom and dad do not require a home care worker.

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