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Paranormal is normal.

Everybody is psychic — some just a little more than others. That might sound untrue, but one must understand that, if interested, one’s psychic abilities can be developed.

Paranormal activities we noticed when we were children didn’t feel weird to us at all. We had imaginary friends that were very real to us. We saw things and people that others didn’t see. Parents tell stories about things their children know, which should be impossible for them. As we get older, fear of being laughed at, uncertainty, or the hustle and bustle of everyday life inhibit us from acknowledging these activities and feelings. We push them away, ignore them, and after a while we forget.

If you want these feelings back, start by learning to look beyond this world. Listen to the little whispers in the back of your head. Your gut-feelings and intuitions work brilliantly hand-in-hand.

Freeing your inner psychic will give you more control of your life. Stay alert and be aware of things around you. Create a quiet time and go back over your day in your mind. After a while you will realize that there are no coincidences. The sudden impulse you had to take a different road home, only to hear the next day that there was a horrible accident on your regular route.

The whiff of perfume you smelled, reminding you of the sister you haven’t seen for so long, followed shortly by a phone call in which she tells you she’s coming to visit.

A draft a your feet, the pressure of a hand on your arm, the way your grandma used to touch you, tells you her spirit is present, checking up on you or just saying she loves you.

After a while these paranormal experiences feel normal and you will start using them every day.

You can help others with this gift too.

Read books on the subject, learn from other mediums, tarot-card readers, and clairvoyants.

Listen to people, look in their eyes, and shake their hand.

Do they smile? What’s your first impression when they walk through your door?

Give them your love and compassion.

Protect yourself every day by asking the universe for guidance that comes from the light, and ask to avoid bringing darkness in.

A good session with a psychic medium will change how you approach your life. It is important to have happy and positive thoughts; after all, we are what we think. 

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