Didee & Didoo: Old Crow News

Harold Frost play fiddle for New Year’s dance.
Some people came from Ft. McPherson with ski-doos.
Everyone had fun at the Father Mouchet Ski Loppet.
Rick Nielsen flew some of us out to Crow Flats.
Ice went out good and no flooding this year.
Trucks are busy hauling gravel from the mountain.
Hal and Hector are training dogs for races.
Ladies picked lots of rhubarb this spring.
Lots of people came to Old Crow for Caribou Days.
Air North bring freight and mail every day.
Chief and Council had meeting.
Bree and Paul got married in July.
The boys are building new houses.
Robert and his boys went hunting for moose.
MLA Pauline Frost came up for a visit.
We had some forest fires this summer.
The river was really low this year.
Ministers hold service every Sunday.
Some boys bring wood raft down the river.
Ladies picked lots of berries this fall.
Rangers were training on Crow Mountain.
Some students went to Whitehorse for high school.
People go ice fishing every night.
Some kids are practicing for snowshoe races.
People are putting lights up for Christmas.
School kids are practicing for Christmas Concert.
Ladies are busy sewing for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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