Didee Didoo – Poem “Prop”


A boat is not like a car,

’cause I can hit a sandbar.

When the water starts to drop,

I can seriously damage my prop.

If the water I can’t read,

I forget to drive at a slow speed.

Then I come to a sudden stop,

and I shatter my prop.

I hit a big rock,

and I’m in shock.

When I hit a gravel pad,

I’ll be a little mad.

It’s only my fault,

when I come to a halt.

My prop I don’t want to claim,

but I have to take the blame.

I will feel cheap,

when the water is not deep.

So it’s better to drive slow,

’cause I might have to row.

When I hit a big stone,

I only wish that I’m alone.

‘Cause prop stories we keep quiet,

otherwise we’ll start a riot.

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