Didee & Didoo – Poem “She Saved My Life”

She Saved My Life

She’s my uncle’s wife

and she saved my life.

Her name is Nancy

an’ she’s really fancy.

And I’ll tell you why

‘cause she wouldn’t let me die.

I was just a little kid

an’ this is what she did.

Her life she put on the line

just to save mine.

I fell in the icy water

but I couldn’t swim like an 


My life she had to save

‘cause she was really brave.

The river was ice cold

but Nancy was very bold.

She pulled me in with a pole

and she saved my soul.

I came close to death

an’ I was out of breath.

She didn’t want me to drown

that’s why I’m still around.

I would have been in the 


that’s why Nancy deserves an 


She didn’t want me to be a goner

that’s why she deserves an 


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