Strategic Race

I don’t know the word “slow”

I only know the word “go”

The runners were top notch

An’ we raced against the watch.

I just pretend that I’m a rabbit

Cause running is my habit.

It was a blistering pace

But I like to give chase.

I run like an Arctic hare

And I train for hardware.

I had to run really hard

‘Cause I wanted the gold award.

I felt really strong

An’ nothing went wrong.

I drafted and paced behind

An’ I sprinted to the finish line.

I didn’t want to look back

When I was the head of the pack.

It was the best race ever

‘Cause I had to be clever.

My gold medal was big news

But I really had to cruise.

It was a big surprise

And I had to be wise.

We raced the five

An’ I was the first to arrive.

I’m 30 years past my prime

And I set a record time.

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