Pat McKenna takes a cook’s tour of famous, infamous and soon-to-be-famous Yukon chefs.

Café, motel, RV park, store and more – Tagish Stores is serving up authentic German cuisine, real Italian coffee and a Saturday barbecue for which reservations are recommended.

Kurt and Jutta Gantner are the owners, operators and chefs who credit their style of cooking with their love of travel.

Growing up in Baden-Baden, Germany, close to the French border, shows in their Wiener schnitzel, mashed potatoes, French onion and hearty veal soups, Lyoner sausage and potato salads as well as rich gravies.

Extensive travels in Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland, England and China exposed Kurt and Jutta to local cultures and regional ingredients. They try to do the same.

Breakfast served up at the Tagish Stores could be a Tagish Charlie, a Klondike, a Goldpan or a European. All are guaranteed to give you energy for the travels ahead.

If you need more of a jolt, order a real Italian espresso coffee, latte or cappuccino. Word has it that some loyal customers detour in from Skagway, Atlin and even Teslin to get their coffee fix from Jutta and Kurt.

Lunch specials feature a daily homemade soup, fresh-baked muffins, Gold Nugget Chicken or a house special burger that the locals rave about. Milkshakes and ice cream are a treat on a warm summer day.

Saturday nights, in the summer (from Victoria Day to Labour Day), see a sumptuous barbecue offered from 5 to 8 p.m. You can order steak, pork ribs, lamb, chicken or a smoked sausage. Also offered with the barbecue is a five-choice salad bar, fresh homemade bread and great conversation with locals and tourists, alike.

In the winter months, Kurt and Jutta offer a winter Saturday meal featuring German Wiener schnitzel or Italian pastas and sauces. A salmon lasagna is a favourite for many.

Desserts on offer range from Pumpkin Pie, German Apple Cake, pies made with local berries and a special German “Rote Grutze” – a fruit and jelly dessert served with vanilla sauce or whipped cream.

Friendly service, refills you haven’t asked for and a spectacular setting in picturesque Tagish are worth the drive. Located on the Tagish Road (Highway 8) at kilometre 22, Kurt and Jutta’s little oasis can also be visited online at

Wir sprechen deutsch offer services in their motel and directions to the best fishing holes. Call 399-3032 for Saturday-night reservations.