The Snowplough Went By at Noon Today


The snowplough went by at noon today;

I think it’ll go by again.

The reason I think this is plain to the eye:

you can’t even see where it’s been.??It started to snow in the morning on Friday,

big, fluffy, white flakes wafting down.

The lawn disappeared, then our boardwalk filled in

and the street that leads to downtown.??The snow came straight down for much of the day,

but sometimes it blew in from the side,

so it ended up leaving small drifts on our porch,

and there really was nowhere to hide.??I shovelled the stairs and the front walk at midday

and shovelled again that night,

and again when I went out at noon on the Saturday,

pushing it off while it’s light.??And two hours later I shovelled again,

home from the Christmas Bazaar.

Then I looked out the back door, and to my dismay

found a white mound had covered our car.??And that’s when I realized, with some surprise,

that I’d slogged home through snow boot-top high

that the work of the plough, just three hours before,

was as if it had never gone by.??So although it went by at noon today,

I hope it’ll go by again.

‘Cause the way that the white stuff has been coming down

you really can’t tell where it’s been.

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