Thoughtfully Thrifty

“To have local students take part in the project gives us something to be proud of,” he says. “Yukon College is always trying to meet the needs of the communities and having input from them is always helpful.”

Five females and three males ranging from ages 18 to 61 participated in the project.

“Having women in trades is always a good thing and the women in this project really took the lead,” Alaric says.

The store is a not-for-profit organization, which is usually open only on Saturdays and is run and staffed by volunteers, Skelton says.

“(The store is) really very very grateful for the opportunity to have this extension built… students got to learn valuable skills, we had our project finished and the college was amazing,” she says.

The St. John The Baptist Anglican Church Thrift Store is located on Frank Trail in Watson Lake. It is closed during the winter, opens in April and operates through to Oct. 31.

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