Didee & Didoo – Poem “Through the Eyes of an Elder”

Through the eyes of an elder

I see through the eyes of an elder

Not through the helmet of a welder.

If you see through an elders eyes

This is how you will become wise.

Elders talk English that’s not right

So that’s how I try to write.

Their English is what I call brokin’

And by our elders it is spokin’.

I like the way our elders sound

An’ they don’t know what’s a noun.

They don’t know even how to read

‘Cause our elders are a special breed.

Elders don’t talk English very well

But they have lots of stories to tell.

They’ll tell a story about an owl

But they don’t know what’s a vowel.

In Gwichin they tell the other half

And they always make us laugh.

Elders don’t even have Grade One

But they’re always lots of fun.

When Didoo sign her big cheque

She will draw her name correct.

If you see through the eyes of Didoo

Then you’ll only see what is true.

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