Ancient Februarys

I’d rather take the chocolates. Thank you, very much.

And, I cross-my-heart that the realms of my creativity do not extend remotely far enough to make this stuff up.

Eventually, Pope Gelasius, who also formally declared February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day, officially outlawed Lupercalia in the 5th century. Though it wasn’t until the Middle Ages, when Valentine’s Day was finally colloquially associated with love. By the 18th century, it became common for folks to pass around hand-written notes of affection. Advances in printing technology in the 1900s, was the beginning of popularization of store-bought Valentines.

Today, according to the Greeting Card Association (yes, I too, just recently learned that is an actual organization) approximately 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are annually exchanged. Earning Valentine’s Day an impressive ranking of the second most popular card-sending holiday, after Christmas.

Though the Yukon might be a little too chilly for Cupid himself to make a visit, I invite you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Whether your spending it with a loved one, treating yourself or waiting till the themed chocolates go on sale, you can at least be rest assured you’re spending Valentine’s Day bloody-sacrificial-fertility-goat free, an indisputably better way than any of those who began this holiday.

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