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The Yukon Historical and Museums Association (YHMA) wants Yukoners to learn more about the history in their own towns. As part of the national Culture Days weekend event, which takes place across the country from Sept. 27 to 29, the association will be hosting a do-it-yourself Heritage Highlights Scavenger Hunt. The event is the result of work by executive director Lianne Maitland and the association’s summer student, Elisha Ida. 

“(Culture Days) is to get you to be a tourist in your own town, get involved in culture in your own town,” Maitland said. “The scavenger hunt is designed to be done with other people, most people do it in a group.

“The first step is to pick up a map at either the Donnenworth House (YHMA Office), or the Culture Days hub (Kwanlin Dün Culture Centre), or you can download on YHMA or Culture Days website.”

Participants follow the map provided to sites of historical significance around town that will be numbered. Each numbered location will have a question that needs to be answered to complete the scavenger hunt task. According to the duo, the hunt isn’t intended to stump those who might not know a location, but to help them learn more about things they normally see. They did some of their own research to build on what they already knew of things.

“We also do walking tours, so it made sense to do the scavenger hunt because we have some of those details already,” Ida said. “We partnered with Yukon Historic Sites to do notes and details on different buildings they own.

“I spent an afternoon biking around Whitehorse, looking at historic buildings I knew about. I was surprised to see how many with (interpretive) panels.”

Those panels are one of several possible ways to find answers to the questions, as the YHMA will also be posting some signs at certain locations, or asking people to look at certain things. As well, there will be some bonus points for taking specific photos for an extra draw. Successful competitors in the event will be awarded prizes donated by sponsors. Some of the items provided include a gold nugget from Murdoch’s Gem Shop, a smartphone printer from Angellina’s Toy Boutique, an LED lantern from Coast Mountain Sports and apparel from Yukon Built.

To get their hands on the prizes, competitors will have to successfully answer the questions at each location and hand responses in to YHMA.

For more information on the event, contact the YHMA at [email protected] or by phone at 667-4704.

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