A Local Getaway

We also enjoyed petting the many friendly animals that live with the host family. Eight dogs, a horse, a donkey and several chickens can keep adults and kids busy during their stay.

Looking inside the guestbook we realized just how many guests have already had a great time in this cabin since 2008. Phrases like “peaceful, relaxing, inspiring place with great scenery and super friendly hosts” can be found throughout the book.

When we left on Sunday afternoon we were energized and ready to conquer the upcoming challenges of the week. Whenever we feel like we are losing our connection to the wilderness again we will be back for a winter weekend. We look forward to enjoying more snowshoeing and cross country ski adventures.

To all Yukoners who want to experience peaceful simplicity out of town: try out the Wheaton River Wilderness Retreat for your local off-the-grid getaway. It is exactly what it says: A real retreat. For more information go to www.wheatonriver.net

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