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Independent Management consultant Stefan Voswinkel has a question for Yukon entrepreneurs: “What does success mean to you?”

Voswinkel is running a five-session workshop aimed at helping business-minded Yukoners figure this out for themselves.

He says it’s essential to prioritize your values. Once you’ve reached the point where you know what your goals are, it makes sense to focus on what you do best.

“Make sure you utilize your strengths and delegate what you are not good at. Otherwise you’re wasting your time.”

Voswinkel intends the course to be highly participatory. Show up with the willingness to do it like you mean it, he says.

“Bring forward what decisions and obstacles you’re facing, and be open to feedback and input from your peers and myself.”

The course is geared toward people with startups, as well as people who already have a business that they want to grow.

Highlights of the curriculum include building a roadmap to successfully commercialize your ideas, managing relationships and financial management. The course is a commitment to four weekly sessions, starting Tuesday, Oct. 17, and a follow-up session one month later.

Voswinkel is a 24-year veteran of the Yukon business scene. From 1994 to 2003, he and his wife operated a high-end tour company out of Atlin, part of which was an air charter operation.

Voswinkel also specializes in succession management. He’s got a personal philosophy on northern business that he’s acquired through trial and error over the course of his career in the Yukon.

“Entrepreneurship for me is the best way of self-determination and living your values. Total accountability – no one to blame, but the successes are all yours, too.

“You can’t do it alone though – doing this with a support network of cool people creates a sense of belonging,” he said.

With the importance of belonging in mind, he said that the course will help participants grow an essential support network of like-minded people.

To achieve a depth of understanding in the business world, overcoming roadblocks and learning from mistakes is key. Voswinkel brings his wealth of trial and error know-how to the weekly sessions.

“I have faced and overcome many obstacles in my career – as an employee and business owner. I understand technology and finance, and most importantly, how they connect to human behaviour. With these insights, I will help participants accelerate their results,” he said.

Doing business in the Yukon presents its own sets of rewards and challenges that are uniquely northern and set us apart from the rest of Canada, Voswinkel said.

“As a business owner, you will have to hunt government business, at least indirectly. In some ways, doing business in the Yukon seems less competitive than elsewhere. Nobody should be fooled, though. Professionalism and competitiveness remain keys to success everywhere.”

“Being a business owner in the Yukon has enormous lifestyle benefits – which in turn enhances creativity and business success. There are good signs that entrepreneurship is on a surge in the Yukon.”

Voswinkel said that becoming a member of CoSpace Yukon (where the course takes place) is a way to keep your finger on the pulse of trends in the community and build that all-important network.

The course Your Business Success: Tools and Rules is comprised of four weekly sessions: Tuesday, Oct. 17, Tuesday, Oct. 24, Wednesday, Nov. 1, and Tuesday, Nov. 7. The sessions run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. A follow-up session takes place on Dec. 5.

CoSpace is located at 202C Strickland Street on the second floor.

For more information visit the website. For more information about the entrepreneurship course or to register, email [email protected]

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