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The 16th Annual Bravo Awards

Tourists from around the world come to the Yukon for the northern lights. They come for dog sledding in the winter and to paddle the rivers when they’re not frozen.  At the 16th annual Bravo Awards, the Yukon Convention Bureau (YCB) recognized another type of draw though—those who live here and make a difference by offering “the best spot in Canada to hold a conference or meeting.” Approximately 70 people attended the awards, which took place on March 5. 

“In 2018 and 2019, more than 35 and 40 conferences came to the Yukon with 3,000+ visiting delegates per year,” said Alida Munro, managing director of the YCB. 

This is a boost from 2011 to 2016, when the average number of conferences was 25, with 3,400 visiting delegates.  This year, the planning committee for BreakOut West 2019 received a Bravo Award for its event, which took place over four days in October. BreakOut West was attended by 1,200 total delegates, including 360 non-Yukoners and 840 Yukoners. Many who came from elsewhere in Canada extended their stay or arrived early to travel in the Yukon. 

Angela Drainville, who hosted and acted as chair of the event, said she was excited to see recognition for BreakOut West, which relied on the work of more than 200 volunteers in order to hold various artist showcases, industry meetings, an awards brunch and the Western Canada awards reception.

Not only did the event bring people to the Yukon to see northern music, it highlighted the interests of the Yukon’s music sector locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and they ate here too. 

Antoinette GreenOliph of Antoinette’s restaurant opened her restaurant on a Sunday to serve brunch to approximately forty BreakOut West attendees, most of which were musicians from out of town. She said that she was “excited to win.” “Congratulations and thank you to each of this year’s winners!” said Munro.

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