Getting on the Wrench

What motivated you to get into this trade?
When I was in high school I joined a Skills Canada Yukon Skills club for hairstyling. After learning about the trade I was totally motivated to make hairstyling my full-time career.

Was there someone who got you excited about this path?
Erin Neufeld, who was my co-worker and Skills Canada Yukon coach at the time, was a huge influence for the trade.

Was there a class in secondary school that helped you be more proficient at the work you do now? 
There was no hairstyling class when I was in high school. I was able to take a class called “work experience” which allowed me to do a work placement at Kutters Hairstyling. Being able to do a work placement before going to school for hairstyling was very beneficial—it really helped me get the feel for the job.

What is the best part of being in your trade?
Helping people feel more confident with themselves and helping people express themselves with their hair.

What does a regular day look like for you in your job? 
My days are different every day! I could either have a bunch of haircuts, or more colours that day, or a good mix of both.

If you met someone who was looking at getting a job in the trades, what piece of advice would you give them? 
I would tell them that having a trade is an awesome thing to accomplish and you are able to practice your trade wherever you want.

How has your trade, if any, has made your life better?  
My trade has let me become a more outgoing person! Further, becoming a hairstyling coach for high school and post-secondary students, which is very rewarding. I am also very lucky to have met fellow hairstylists (who) are a huge inspiration in my career and to get the opportunity to learn from them.

What is the most interesting thing/project you have worked on?
I have had lots of interesting projects! Colour corrections and doing fashion colours on clients usually takes multiple appointments, or at least a day to a half-day of work. I love the challenge and to see the process the hair goes through to reach the client’s goal.


Full name: Morgan Madden (Skills Canada Yukon Coach & Alumni)

Age: 22

Trade: Hairstyling

Current workplace: Kutters Hairstyling

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