Proud Yukoners want to shop Yukon – but sometimes it feels hard to do that. With so many of our goods and services being provided by companies on the Outside, it often feels like we’ve got no choice but to shell out to the big boys. For those who prefer to shop in their own backyard, however, here are four Whitehorse-based businesses owned by your friends and neighbours.

What: Blackbird Bakery 

Where: 4194B 4th Avenue

Who: Harry and Genny Rietze

Why: Fresh seafood caught by friends

Salmon is delicious; it’s a science fact. The fact that these local fish mongers are actually Alaskans – not Yukoners – doesn’t change the taste of their wares one bit.

Hailing from sea-kissed Haines, this sweet couple used to run their business out of a trailer, but have since expanded to a fixed location on at 4th Avenue and Oglivie Street. Their shop features halibut, salmon, shrimp and crab from Haines. The fish that comes from Haines is all sourced from seven commercial fisherman.

“It’s (bought) off the dock from the fisherman,” says Genny, adding, “my dad is one of


The shop also features oysters, mussels and clams from Vancouver and will soon be getting in lobster from Halifax.