Kids and parents can play in the big sandbox

The 45th annual Geoscience Forum will kickoff at the Yukon Convention Centre on Saturday, November 18 with Family Day, sponsored by Golden Predator. The free event will be open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will have interactive, hands-on family friendly activities from over 40 exhibitors.

The annual forum is organized by the Yukon Chamber of Mines as an opportunity for everyone to learn more about mining, aviation, the environmental sciences and other aspects of the mineral exploration industry.

Yukon Chamber of Mines President Mike Burke says that Family Day is not just for kids, but also a chance for parents to learn. It’s a family-oriented part of the weekend where tradeshow vendors are encouraged to tailor their discussion to the general public, not other industry members.

“Family Day is really an opportunity for folks to interact directly with people in the (mineral exploration) industry and form their own opinions,” Burke said. “The industry has lots of optimists and people with big hearts. It’s really a science-based industry that is always striving to do things better and with less impact.”

The event offers a chance for the kids to learn more about science at the booths, while mom and dad can have a real chat with people in the industry.

“Parents have a chance to meet the folks involved, put a face on industry and ask questions,” Burke added. “And a lot of it is to create an interest in science for kids. We want our kids to move to the Yukon, but also buy the house down the road.”

And an interest in science will help Yukoners get those well-paying jobs and move home according to Burke.

“I don’t know any other industry where you’ll walk into the office and there are so many technical and science degrees,” Burke said. “Mining, as a private industry that provides good jobs, is pretty much the main game in town.”

The event features both historic and new mining elements for families to explore.

A few examples include the exhibit hosted by MacBride Museum of History that will feature gold panning, a Lego mine and an interpretive display about the Pueblo Mine Disaster.

The Yukon Geological Survey and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada are presenting an Augmented Reality Sandbox for kids to play in.

Horizon Helicopters will be hosting gold panning and other activities.

Yukon Women in Mining host a booth the helps women learn more about the opportunities in the mining industry.

Women are starting to choose the mineral exploration as a career choice. The Facts and Figures 2015 released by the Mining Association of Canada notes that a 2014 report by the Mining Industry Human Resources Council found that female participation in mining grew by 70 per cent from 1996 to 2011, making women 17 per cent of the industry workforce. The report notes that is a higher participation rate than both the construction sector and fishing industry.

Mining remains a major part of the Yukon’s history and the current economy at 10.1 per cent of GDP in 2015 according to the Yukon Bureau of Statistics.

The Yukon Chamber of Mines hopes Family Day provides an opportunity for Yukoners who have questions about the industry to learn more and a chance for them to speak with people face-to-face.

For updates during the event, tune in to CKRW “The Rush,” which will be on location. The full Yukon Geoscience Forum schedule and more information on Family Day can be found online at

Family Day at the Geoscience Forum

Saturday, November 18

  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Yukon Geoscience Forum – Trade Show
  • Yukon Convention Centre, located at 4051-4th Avenue

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