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Local Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

Wondering how to get your business from side hustle to full time? Struggling with balancing kids, hobbies and relationships, while building your brand? Looking for inspiration and motivation to get you through the inevitable blocks and challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur?

Women face unique challenges when launching into the world of business. For many, a community and network of support, encouragement and learning can help them face these challenges – whether starting out or ready to take a business to the next level.

An event taking place on Oct. 18 at Baked Café features seven female entrepreneurs all at different stages and places in their businesses ready to share their advice and hard lessons learned.

The event is called 8 Things: Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice, and it will feature: Stephanie Dixon (Stephanie Dixon Motivational Coaching), Patti Balsillie (Patti Balsillie Management Consulting), Brianne Bremner (GBP Creative), Anne Lewis (The Vaxandi Group), Emma Barr (Emma Barr Fine Art), and Emily Payne and Erin Nicolardi (Rivers to Ridges).

Hosted by SMRT POP UPS, the event is a follow up to the SMRT Women series that took place March 8 this year, which offered a full day of coaching, learning and connecting specifically for female entrepreneurs.

Wondering what to expect? Here is a snapshot of four of the featured speakers.

Erin Nicolardi

Erin Nicolardi runs Rivers to Ridges – an experiential outdoor education program for children and adults – with Emily Payne. Nicolardi and Payne met when they both worked through the same school. When a vehicle breakdown and a snowstorm stranded them at a B‘n’B in Watson Lake, they discovered a common passion for experiential nature-based programming, and from there their business dreams began.

Nicolardi and Payne have found parallel lessons in starting many campfires that have helped their business succeed and grow.


8 Things: Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice is hosted by SMRT POP UPS and will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at Baked Café from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Event details and tickets are available on Facebook and Eventbrite.

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