Running a Tech Savvy Business

The ways in which technology improves the productivity of a business continue to grow.

By selecting a technological system that is right for you, you allow your business, colleagues and consumers to flourish. From modern point-of-sale systems, to web-based technology, to mobile wireless communications, there is a multitude of ways that you can implement technology into your business.

Once a pen-and-paper process, now even the smallest of retailers use point-of-sale systems. With the ability to process orders, track customer data and purchase history, sales, margins, inventory management, accounting and evening marketing, today’s POS systems cover all the bases in small business management.

Geared to automate, streamline and increase profitability, many POS systems come tailor designed to fit your own personal business needs.

Today, a business without a website is considered obsolete. When customers can find you anywhere, anytime, online shopping is definitely the wave of the future.

The “click and send” philosophy allows consumers to shop from the comfort of their home or office without picking up the phone or getting into the car.

E-mail and niche marketing allows companies to further catch the attention of consumers, right at their desktop.

Web-based training is now a staple for businesses to conduct staff training. From on-line manuals, training tools, Q & A, support and research is all available online.

Up-to-date technology allows staff and customers to communicate using streamlined communication tools such as e-mail and instant messaging.

Avoid voice mail and waiting for e-mails by using instant messaging. Communicating in real time, the easy-to-use instant messaging is a tool used to stay connected to a business.

While keeping conversations short and sweet, instant messaging can include video applications, the ability to see the status of colleagues or customers (who’s at lunch or in a meeting), a method to send and download files and the ability to save conversations to view later.

Economical for the worldly workforce who can choose to work from anywhere, you can benefit from clicking and sending documents and photos, in real business time.

Instant messaging is less expensive and more convenient than picking up the phone and is a valuable communications tool in today’s workplace.

Take this a step further, away from your home or office, by using a mobile wireless Internet device. Smart phones, such as the Blackberry, are used to run mobile offices. You can check your e-mail, book airline tickets, track GPS navigation and even recruit new employees all from a hand-held device.

Today, you can communicate with colleagues and customers almost in person, anywhere in the world, using live video stream.

The world of wireless is ever-changing. By staying current with technology, not only do you streamline productivity in your business, your company stays at the leading edge.

Isn’t that where we all want to be?

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