Support local with a beer and some Indian food

Things are different for everyone in the new COVID-19 world and companies everywhere are having to change their business models to adapt. Nowhere is this truer than for the Woodcutter’s Blanket.

“It’s been difficult, it felt like it happened overnight,” said co-owner James Maltby.

“It has forced us to do a 180 on our business model – we didn’t really have much of an online presence and suddenly we’ve had to move everything online.”

You can now find a take-out section on Woodcutter’s Blanket’s website that features take-out, off-sales and the newest offerings from their brewery.

“Not a lot of people actually even realize the brewery is open,” said Maltby, “we were just launching before this all happened, so word hasn’t really gotten out yet.”

The brewery is open from Monday to Saturday from 3-8 pm and to accommodate the need to social distance and they’ve worked out a completely contactless delivery system to keep customers and staff safe. You can either order online or come to the brewery and order in-person. One customer can enter the brewery at a time and you have the option to text when you arrive and the staff will bring your order out and put it in your vehicle for you.

They are offering both 64 oz and 32 oz growlers and 32 oz crowlers. They are unable to refill growlers at this time, so you’ll be receiving a new growler with each new order. They have a wide selection of beer to whet your appetite including a dark tripel, a raspberry hefe, a table beer, a black cherry stout, a Maine IPA and a 80s imperial IPA.

“We’re hoping that as it gets warmer more Yukoners will decide to stop by for a growler to enjoy a beer in their backyards,” said Maltby.

If you’re looking for something unique to stock your pandemic-proof liquor cabinet, Woodcutter’s Blanket may be able to help you with that as well. 

“We’re not really a typical offsales,” said Maltby, “but we do have a selection of our special orders that we stock to make our cocktails that we’re offering through our online store.”

And when the thought of cooking for yourself, at home, again, makes you start to cringe, Woodcutter’s Blanket will come to your rescue.

From Thursday to Saturday each week they will be taking pre-orders for take-out dinners. You can order online and then pick up a cold meal from them which you can take home, heat up and enjoy. Pre-orders must be made by 1 pm on the day you plan to pick-up.

Co-owner and cocktail wizard James Maltby stands over offerings from the new Woodcutter’s Blanket take out beer and food menu.

“We have a set of staff working in our kitchen that are amazing Indian chefs,” explained Maltby, “and when we were trying to decide what to do for take-out they asked me, ‘do you think people in Whitehorse would like Indian food?’. I laughed and said, ‘absolutely’, and with that our take-out menu was born.”

The take-out meals Woodcutter’s Blanket is offering are a full Indian meal. They include curry, rice, salad, roti bread and a fruit custard for dessert.

Reflecting on doing business in the new COVID reality, Maltby stresses the need for anyone in the community who is still making a steady paycheck to consider how they can support their local businesses.

“As Yukoners we really love where we live, and we love what our community has to offer. But if you’re choosing not to support those local businesses you love right now in their time of need, you’re going to lose them.”

He added, “As social distancing restrictions continue we fully expect that people will get tired of cooking for themselves and will turn more and more to the local restaurants for take-out to fill the gap for them, but the gap most of those restaurants are facing is immediate – the next few weeks while we wait for government funding to start rolling will be critical for a lot of our survival. Woodcutter’s will keep fighting and we’re going to survive, but I can’t speak for everyone.”

The message is clear – if you have the means to buy local right now, now is the time to do so. A good place to start would be a growler of beer and some delicious Indian food to enjoy in the Spring sunshine.

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