Synergize: Allow Your Business To Be The Best Version Of Itself!

Owning your own business offers great rewards, with equally great opportunities. But some entrepreneurs consider themselves working alone in business, especially if they are filling a unique niche in the marketplace.

There is more to business life than flying solo.

Many successful businesses have formed strategic alliances, with like-minded businesses, that gives their business the opportunity to flourish into new markets, improve on existing products and services, while enhancing the feel-good feelings in the workplace.

Successful partnerships create a win-win attitude.

Consider the power of referral business. When you refer someone to another business, it speaks highly of your reputation.

Think of those businesses that offer complementary quality products or services. Who out there shares similar business philosophies? Who can you trust to complement your abilities?

In support of other businesses, consider placing their business cards on your counter. Publish their information on your referral list and website. Allow others to do the same for you.

As florists, we support local partnerships with catering companies, wedding and event planners, airlines, hoteliers and so on and so on.

Why refer business? Because you are good at what you do. Unique to you, there is an attribute that has allowed you to be successful. Follow this and allow others to team up with you along the way. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Allow your team to join in. By supporting other businesses, your staff also becomes partners and relationships grow. It enhances the work environment, as you share new ideas and support fellow entrepreneurs.

Success is all about helping others. I believe this is the way we ought to do business. By caring for others (and their businesses) we care for ourselves in a special way.

Expand your network. The next time you see someone (a businesses) doing something exceptionally well, ask them to become your partner. Learn through them how (and why?) they are doing what they do and how you can benefit through their expertise.

It may be as little as a phone call to tell someone, “I feel what you are doing is exceptional.”

It might be as much as asking someone to support you by being a business mentor. We can learn so much from working together with others. Often, all we have to do is ask.

Choose a business partnership that reflects your personal businesses philosophy that will add value to your business environment. Look to those businesses that reflect your core company values.

How could you benefit from the partnership?

As we expand our skill sets, and learn from other businesses in the community, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow together.

You are not alone. Out there (in the business world) there are lots of people doing great things … just like you are. Successful partnerships enable good businesses to reach a great potential. When you have the ability to share opportunities with others, on a similar path, you share in the rewards and satisfaction of allowing your business to be the best version of itself.

By finding those special niche companies and allowing them to actively participate with your company, you build trust and camaraderie.


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