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It is a busy Monday afternoon when Margriet and Al Aasman open their office for an interview. They are sitting in the meeting room where they do their brainstorming and workshops. One can feel the creative atmosphere in the room , with a white board full of notes on the wall, red lamps in the company´s color , and a dartboard for breaks.

Aasman Brand Communications recently celebrated their 25th anniversary with the opening of an art show at Baked Café titled, The Art of Influence: down to skivvies. The show features original work from the Aasman archives.

“ When you think about anniversaries, you usually think about the past,” Margriet Aasman says. “With the art show we also wanted to focus on our future.”

Margriet and Al formed the company in 1989. Margriet was an artist and Al was working for the Yukon News.

“ It all started at our kitchen table,” Margriet says. And from there the company grew into an advertising and design agency. In 2008 they sharpened their focus from design to brand communications , and in 2012 Zeke Aasman and Corey Bradbury became managing partners of the company. Clients tend to be from northern and western Canada but the company expanded to Nova Scotia last year with an office in Halifax.

For their 25th anniversary Zeke Aasman says they “wanted to do something that celebrates our company and the brand communications work we have produced with our clients.”

And they also want to communicate with the public through the art “because we hardly interacted with the public in the past,” Margriet says.

“ Communication was the intention to do the art show,” Al adds.

There is a lot to discover at The Art of Influence: down to the skivvies. One piece is created out of seven seasons of artwork for Whitehorse Concerts. It involves the work of seven designers and holds great detail, like applauding hands, rhythmic bugs, and the ball attendees.

The company takes a creative approach in all their work from strategy , to planning , to design .

“ And we also wanted to highlight the distinction between art and advertising,” Al adds.

So, after 25 years, what is the company’s secret of success?

“ We have a great team of people who are in their 20s and 30s, who are good with modern technology and social media,” says Margriet. “We keep the staff, we have people who are working with us for a long time.”

“ And we are working in a learning environment, we are learning from each other, but also from our clients,” Al explains.

Even though times have changed since 1989, the company’s principles remain the same: “Simplify, clarify and amplify,” Al says. “That is the way we work.”

And with 25 years behind them, they are looking forward to the company’s growth over the next 25 years.

The Art of Influence: down to the skivvies is running at Baked Café until December 12th.

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