We would like to share this award with all of you

It is with your support these past years that our community entertainment magazine has grown to what it is today. We didn’t create the events, shows, concerts, and games that are featured in this magazine… Yukoners did. It is our neighbour’s talents and creativity that is featured in story after story.

Quite frankly, Yukoners have made our work a pleasure, and they are ultimately the secret to our success.

Our readers and contributors has given What’s Up Yukon a life all it’s own.

This relationship has been noticed and we were recognized by the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce with the Contribution to Community award in 2007, just three years into our business.

This week we have been recognized once again by the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, for the Business People of the Year award.

We are truly honoured. We work every day with many amazing business people. As highly as we regard their knowledge, expertise and devotion to their community, they have shown us they feel the same way about our business.

We believe one reason we have been chosen for this award is our vision and follow through. On the eve of a major world wide economic crisis, we were insane and decided to expand our business. We took our flagship magazine, What’s Up Yukon, from a bi-weekly to a weekly publication. Research has proven when a company continues on their planned path during the hard times, when the good times come back this company will be able to grow and enjoy the rewards of their hard work and planning. While many businesses cut back we jumped in further. Receiving this award shows that our peers feel we made the right decision and are on the right path.

Another big secret to our success is our staff. We have an incredible team that shows up to our virtual office week after week. You see What’s Up Yukon is not only a small home based business, we are a collective of of home based businesses and home based employees. Darrell Hookey, our editor, has been with us since the beginning; a big support and a driving force behind What’s Up Yukon. Many thanks to our absolutely wicked graphic design team; Omaar, Lesley and Paulette. And Monica, what can we say about Monica? There is so much…she keeps us organized and told us from the beginning it is her job to look after us.

We have had many exceptional Yukoners who have written for us over the years and they are strongly represented in this award as well. By sharing their stories they bring the Yukon to life.

So, to all of our readers, to all of writers and contributors, to all of our advertisers, to all of our business partners and suppliers, to all of our staff, we thank you. We would like to share this award with all of you. CHEERS!

What’s Up Yukon’s Chaos Coordinator

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