Yes, the promised land was intended for Moses and the Hebrews. But that was in the BC era.

In the AD era, CAO, a Nashvillebased cigar house, gave way to Black, a promised land in itself.

CAO started out in 1968 as a pipe making factory. In 1995 it went into the cigar business, and the Black label was its first launch. It proved to be super successful.

However, in 2004, they were recalled due to production issues. In 2007 the Black label was resurrected. But the new Black label proves to be very mysterious.

Regardless, CAO is keeping mum about why and how it came back. It is only available to those who know where to look, and not even mentioned on the company’s website. Strange, considering it’s what put CAO on the cigar map.

The collection of these Blacklabel rarities has four tiers: Black Storm, Black Bengal, Black Frontier and Black Gothic.

The specific tobaccos used are not known, but it is written that each tobacco is aged. Any cigar with aged tobacco is a good one. I managed to land a few Black Bengals.

Wrapped in a cedar sheath with a black ribbon at the bottom, the cigar looks quite impressive. Once the cedar paper is removed, the cigar is wrapped in a Connecticut shade wrapper, which means it will be on the milder side.

This sparks my curiosity even more, as previous CAOs I have tried have been on the spicier side. And the fact that these cigars are almost a myth just makes it all the more exciting to try.

To pair with it, I have selected Courvoisier VSOP. This particular type of cognac is very fragrant. Scents of jasmine and vanilla fill the air as soon as I begin to pour it into a glass. It tastes exactly like it smells, and is very smooth.

After lighting the Bengal, the first few puffs do have some spice, but it quickly vanishes and turns into a classic honey taste. An inch in, the honey is paired with cream. The cognac pairs quite nicely with the Bengal.

One thing to note: this cigar is quite the smoker. You will definitely see thick big clouds of smoke if having this indoors. If you’re having it outside, it might be a great way to keep the bugs away.

The second third picks up more of a vanilla cream taste. And the last third is rounded out by more honey and a bit of cinnamon.

A very pleasant cigar experience, although I do wish it lasted longer. The stick I had only lasted 45 minutes.

I am not certain if the Gothic and Storm are made of the same tobaccos and flavour notes, but regardless, they are something I would enjoy having.

Hopefully the good Lord will have mercy, and I won’t have to wander in the desert 40 years to find one.