It was time to go out for dinner and, since my regular companion was still on the high seas, I invited yet another friend. I was the first to arrive G&P Steakhouse on Main Street. As it was a Monday night, I hadn’t bothered to make reservations.  I was lucky to get the last table.

While I waited for my friend, I took a good look around. The place was certainly decorated to appeal to the fine dining crowd. Very chic in white and black and silver and crystal.  

There were lovely horseshoe-shaped black leather booths that I attempted to trade for our table. No dice. They were reserved.  

The walls were done in a creamy, textured surface and the sconces are set off by sparkling crystals that reflect prisms of light. The brick effect at the entrance and into the restaurant is painted black and accented with white grout.  

The ceiling is a flat black, supporting the hanging white globes of light that were, surprisingly, covered in soft white feathers. It is an amazing effect; very posh.  

The huge bar, against the wall opposite the huge booths, is well-stocked and all the stools were filled, the occupants’ elbows leaning on a dark granite bar top that is shot through with translucent ruby flecks. It is like being in an art deco film set – and the muted lighting helps set the dining mood.

I felt almost under-dressed, but, as this was the Yukon, I fit right in with the dinner crowd.

My friend arrived and, after welcoming hugs, we checked out the menu. In addition to a wealth of pizza choices, we found a good selection of entrees including salads, steaks and Greek dinners.

I chose the spanakopita and tiropita. My friend was delighted to find the original Christie sandwich, something offered years ago when the restaurant had that as its name.  

Our server was appropriately attentive; we felt neither rushed nor forgotten.

My dish arrived; phyllo pastry wrapped around spinach, feta and ricotta cheeses.  And it tasted just as delicious as it sounds. My friend was pleased to find the sandwich of salami, ham, onion, tomato and mozzarella cheese brought back welcome memories.

We enjoyed our coffee and tea, commenting that the portions had been perfect. We were well satisfied and didn’t need another bite. And then, of course, we took a peek at the dessert menu and we were done for.

My friend chose the crème brulee and I had the gluten-free chocolate torte. Well, it was a good thing we had time to eat slowly and enjoy each and every sumptuous morsel.  

More excellent coffee, more delightful conversation, another bite.

We lingered, we dallied, we sipped, but, too soon, it was time to go. The bill arrived when I asked for it and I was pleased to find the prices affordable and of good value.  The excellent service prompted an equally proportionate tip.

G&P Steakhouse, located at 209 Main Street, is open Monday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to “late” and, if you’re not as lucky as I was, I would recommend making reservations.