Bringing joy to the community through food during a difficult time

When COVID-19 struck, Lan Tang, owner of Pho 5 Star Restaurant, had a lot of concerns. “I was honestly quite scared, truth be told,” she said. “I didn’t know how it would pan out.” 

Amongst the list of questions she found herself facing were worries about if she would have to lay people off, if she would have to shut down indefinitely, and would she be safe if she did have to go to work every day. “There were many questions, but I had faith that everything would work out one way or another,” she explained. 

Making sure Yukoners can still get their pho-fix is not the only way Tang is contributing during the pandemic.

“My mom likes to work. She couldn’t imagine herself not working, said Tang’s daughter, Paulette Tran. “In addition to running a restaurant full-time, she also owns a showing shop, Lan’s Alterations in the same plaza. She wanted to help out any way that she can, and with the help of her friend, Hang Nguyen, they dove headfirst to make masks available for everyone in the Yukon since there has been a shortage nation-wide.” 

Tran went on to explain, “I had made a facebook post on ‘Yukon Coronavirus Business Recovery Buy Local’ and it blew up! She wasn’t able to keep up with the demand but she was still optimistic and determined to make sure everyone who came to pick one up was able to leave with a mask. There were also many who did curb-side pick-up due to compromised immune systems. In the end she made it accessible for those who needed it. Many who came tried to leave money, but she is a very stubborn woman and might have chased a few people to give back their donations.” 

“She wants people to know that this is her small contribution to the community. Everyone has treated our family so well since moving here in 1999, that this is the least that we can do for our community. “

Both Tang and Tran added, “We just want to send the word out that we hope everyone stays healthy and safe during this time.” 

Pho 5 Star Restaurant has their delicious menu of vermicelli, pho, hu tieu, and rice plates online to help facilitate take-out ordering for their customers. You can find the menu at: They are open for take-out from 12-7PM daily. To order pick-up call (867) 633-6088, and to arrange deliveries call (867) 322-2555.

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