Candy for the carnivores

Fall fun is getting underway at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, with more activities planned now than ever before. Winter hours serve guests seven days a week and Sunday Oct. 27 is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend or the family to check it out. That’s when the preserve is hosting its annual Wild Trick or Eat event

Everyone is encouraged to don their costumes for the day and bring their own smokies, s’mores and other snacks for the bonfire, which takes place from noon until 3 p.m. Visitors are also invited to join in the fun at the wildy, tricky scavenger hunt where they can track clues all over the property to make their way to a treat. Optional bus tours will take place at noon and 2 p.m., with time allotted to stop at the bonfire, although general shuttles will not be provided. Instead guests can plan to take the beautiful 45-minute stroll from the front entrance to the carnivore corner.

Stuffed pumpkins have been added to the menu for special carnivore feedings with the lynx at noon, arctic foxes at 1 p.m. and red foxes at 2 p.m. “We’ve got our pumpkins carved and stuffed with tantalizing bits of meat,” said Lindsay Caskenette, Manager of Visitor Services. “This Halloween-themed feeding is a great source of enrichment for the animals because it stimulates their curiosity and provides new challenges.” Kids and grownups alike will not want to miss seeing these furry friends at their most playful as they chow down on their treats.

Guests can also pick up some educational info from preserve staff, to find out to do with pumpkins at home after Halloween, and how they can be an attractant for wild ones around your own neighbourhood. Another added bonus this year is the opportunity to see Watson, the orphaned-moose-turned-local-celebrity, celebrate his first Halloween. He is thriving at the preserve, growing by the day and still adorable! 

All the Halloween excitement will be followed up by educational programming later this fall. That programming will see hundreds of school-aged youth from across the territory visit the preserve. Students from grades two, seven and nine will take part in the fall school programs running through November and December. Information on these events and more, including how to support the preserve’s efforts in wildlife rehabilitation, can be found on the Yukon Wildlife Preserve Facebook page and the website. Regular admission applies to the Wild Trick or Eat event, with membership passes available for purchase at the front gates.


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