How to Avoid Tempting Hungry Bears to Your Home

This bear checking out the snack-potential within a hummingbird feeder shows their amazing sense of smell; by Nicole Tattam

A new community-based wildlife organization is presenting a series of guest speaker events in three Yukon communities in May. Wildwise Yukon, a newly formed organization, aims to create a lively and informative discussion about how to reduce the kinds of things in your home and neighborhood that attract bears and other wildlife.

Last year Whitehorse Conservation Officers had to destroy 16 bears that had become accustomed to eating human food and garbage and were presenting a threat for Yukon residents.

The Be Wildwise speaker series, featuring free admission, will take place between May 1and May 8 in Mt. Lorne, Marsh Lake and Tagish. The timing of these events gives residents the information needed to prevent conflict with bears that are emerging from hibernation and looking for food. The series includes Conservation Officers, who will speak about bear attractant reduction in rural and residential areas; Conservation Officer Dave Bakica, who will share his knowledge from 23 years of working with wildlife in the Yukon; and wildlife managers, who will discuss wildlife characteristics and behaviour.

Human-wildlife conflict is as any interaction between wildlife and humans that causes harm — to a human, a wild animal, or to property. Wildwise’s ultimate goal is to reduce the number of bears and other wildlife species that are killed due to such conflict.

Wildwise Yukon is a program under the umbrella of the Centre for Human-Wildlife Conflict Solutions. The organization is made up of five dedicated volunteers who are passionate about protecting wildlife. The Be Wildwise speaker series, which is co-presented by Environment Yukon, will take place on May 1 at the Mount Lorne Community Centre, located at kilometre 1 of the Annie Lake Road, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; on May 7 at the Marsh Lake Community Centre, located at 80 Doehle Drive in the Judas Creek Subdivision, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; and on May 8 at the Tagish Community Centre, located 1 kilometre south of the Tagish Bridge, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.
Everyone is welcome.

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