What colour of bait is best?

Most fishermen stand in front of fishing-tackle boards in the store and think, If I was a fish, I would go for that colour. Problem is, they may tell “fish tales,” but they don’t have fish vision. Fish have what is known as sensitive-colour vision. In the dark, this turns into “sensitive rod vision,” and colour is no longer a factor in attracting fish.

The best colour of bait depends on the depth of water you will be fishing in. It might surprise you that red lures lose colour faster than most other colours, as they go deeper into the river or lake, even in the clearest of waters. In clear water, below 10 feet only about 6.5 per cent of the red is visible to fish, and that decelerates faster with each additional foot.

As for orange lures, at a depth of 10 feet, only about half of the colour will remain; and with every 10 feet thereafter, the visibility of orange is cut by yet another 50 per cent.

At a depth of 10 feet, in clear water, yellow bait will retain about 73 per cent of its yellow rays. The winner of visible colour rays go to the greens and blues, though. At a depth of 10 feet, they retain about 85 per cent of their colour rays.

Size of fish

When you ask a fisherman just how big the fish was that they caught, the answer will depend on just how long the fisherman’s arms are!

The future of fishing in Canada

It is going to be an uphill battle for fishing in the future. Every day, human population grows (now in excess of 7-billion people). Each day the demand for industrial growth means more pollution in waterways. Farming, as well as domestic lawn care, means that more chemicals are getting into waterways and leading to health problems for all aquatic life, including fish that are becoming incapable of reproducing or are dying as fish habitats are contaminated.

There is a need for an awareness of these problems—or people may need to plan to give up fishing in the future. Figure out how many hours a year you go fishing. Then figure out how many hours you give back in terms of hands-on projects that improve fish habitat?