The Yukon is home to a dizzying array of wildlife from song birds to raptors to water fowl, porcupines, red, black and arctic foxes and of course Moose, Caribou, Bison, deer, sheep and Grizzly, Black and Polar bears. Let’s not forget the variety of fish species along with more reclusive animals like the Lynx and the wolverine.

Endless Possibilities for Yukon Kayak Fishing

Christmas has come early for me. I have invested in a brand, spanking, new fishing kayak. I’ve tried and owned all kinds of watercrafts for fishing. I’m paddling now and giving the piston-powered propeller a break, the belly boat a hiatus and the pontoon boat a well-deserved vacation. The introduction of the specialized fishing kayak …

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The Poly Flash Carey Special

The Poly Flash Carey Special is one of the most widely used flies in lakes. Originally tied for trout in BC lakes, today it is used throughout the western provinces, the Yukon, Alaska and the Northwest Territories. It can be fished as a wet fly or a streamer and can also be used in rivers …

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Getting Crafty for Salmon

Crafts don’t come naturally to me. To be honest, even Play-Doh is painful … anything that requires considerable cutting or gluing, forget about it. Thank heaven for teachers, daycare workers and grandmas that can sit there for hours with kids to make a toddler masterpiece. It’s not a question of patience, as I can untangle …

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Fishing for a Distraction

The temperature was to drop, the weekend was free, the kids healthy and keen. Add two Dads going stir crazy inside and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a kid-friendly ice-fishing adventure. As per usual with Carl and I, we started the planning over a week in advance. We kept in touch during the week …

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