Douma Alwarid

Being Unorthodox in the Yukon

Unorthodox Yukon is one of the Yukon’s most-colourful spaces. The store’s owner, Douma Alwarid, is funny, open and animated.

The quilt of many poppies

Joseph Novak is a World War ll veteran and possibly the last in the Yukon who served overseas. Joe moved into Whistle Bend Place early this year and has delighted co-residents and staff with his passionate storytelling, unshakable love of music and gratitude for life. In October of last year, Joe was given a 7×7-foot …

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Jim Robb is still coming up with new ideas

It’s pretty much impossible to imagine what our understanding of Yukon’s history would have been if not for Jim Robb. How colourless might our view of post-war Yukon be, without characters like “Wigwam” Harry Fleck, Andy Hooper and James D. Richards, AKA Buzz Saw Jimmy? Jim Robb turns 88 this year. For 66 of those …

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Homecoming for Brandon Isaak

“We wanted to do a record and we didn’t have long to do it,” says Isaak. “So we just did it live in a day, basically.” 

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