Following the success of the first Cabaret Théâtres, heldin March of this year, this week the Association Théâtre Art’lequin (ATA) presents Le Facteur Pleine Lune, playing for two nights at the community hall of the Centre de la Francophonie.

The Cabaret Théâtre presents a variety of artistic disciplines: theatre, music and more. The concept of the show allows a lot of freedom in the artistic direction, so the audience can expect surprises of all kinds.

Émélie Caron, Pascale Geoffroy, Louis Martel, David Marsolais, Josée Fortin, Érin-Évangéline Sanderson, and Marie-Maude Allard are all featured on stage. The show will present two original plays written by francophone authors in the Yukon—La Pleine Lune by Tommy Lee Gauthier and Le Cabaret du Silence by Marie-Dimanche Gagné.

“The two sketches written by these emerging authors depict situations involving the profession of acting,” says Geoffroy. “For instance, Le Cabaret du Silence tells the adventures of an actress before she goes up on stage—what can happen before a show when you’re all stressed out? In this play, the audience is following the life of the actress. The other play, La Pleine Lune, is the story of two women auditioning for the same character in a play. The audience will discover the weird life they have and why they are trying out for the role.”

Louis Martel will also be skillfully performing Le Positif, a monologue by Yvon Deschamps

A big part of Cabaret Théâtre is musical. Geoffroy and Evangeline Sanderson are the lead musicians of the show, which features mostly instrumental music. But there could be surprises because the show is still being created.

“We decided to give a Tzigane style for the music of Cabaret Théâtre. This musical style serves really well the ambiance of the show,” says Geoffroy.

Art’lequin is the only francophone-theatre-oriented organization in the Yukon. Since its creation, the organization has presented 22 shows to both the Francophone and Anglophone communities. So far, the group has involved 22 actors and actress, 16 musicians and a lot of volunteers.

“Art-lequin allows this wonderful experience for any people of the community who would like to participate in a stage performance project. It gives to anyone the occasion to discover an artistic talent or a passion,” says Geoffroy. The artistic direction is lead by Robert Gagnon, also president of ATA. “Robert gives a lot of freedom to the artists. He is a good guide but he also trusts our sense of creativity.”

ATA is currently working on the third edition of the Cabaret Théâtre for the winter solstice, currently titled The Show at the End of the World.

Come and meet this talented crowd at the Centre de la Francophonie at 7 :30 p.m. Oct. 20 and 27. Admission is $15 for adults and $10 students and seniors.