Northern Romance, March 21, 2013

A Northerner’s Spring Horoscope:

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and spring is in the air.

If you are in a relationship — you might be reflecting on the winter and how your partner will look in the bright light of summer when northern nature turns on its 24-hour ugly lights. Use your strong intuition to determine if this is something you really want.

If you are single — and exasperated from the dearth of winter options — take solace in the fact university is out soon with a fresh batch of carefree co-eds on the way up for a summer adventure.

Q: Every morning my boyfriend goes to the local drive thru for coffee and breakfast. One day, when catching a ride to work with him, I witnessed the girls at a fast food window flirting and giving him the celebrity treatment, in addition to free doughnuts. When I pointed this out, and questioned him on it, he got super-mad and defensive. Should I be concerned that fries isn’t the only item he is getting on the side?

Worried in Whitehorse.

Charlie says: I think you are making a double-double sized mountain out of a timbit sized molehill. Give the poor guy a break. Why take a harmless drive-thru confidence boost away from him? Every guy needs the illusion of independence and reassurance that he “still has it”, and this seems like a harmless enough outlet. You will be better off with him feeling good about himself rather than resentful at you for ruining all his fun.

Juniper says: Dear Worried, his defensiveness leads me to believe that he is feeling a bit of guilt about his early morning activities. Latch on to this guilt and work it, because the use of good looks and charms to get free stuff is a timeless trade, typically reserved for the fairer sex and I think we women can agree that it should remain that way.

Q: Every time my girlfriend and I have an argument she posts about it all over Facebook. We always seem to work it out, but her friends and family probably think I am the biggest jerk. Is this an acceptable way for her to express herself, or should I ask her not to do it anymore?

Anti-Social in Atlin

Charlie says: Hate to break it to you Anti-Social — even without Facebook, the world will know all about your jerkish ways. Women have found methods of communicating misdeeds, real or imagined, for centuries. True, in this brave new world of social media, screen saves and public postings ensure your dirty laundry is aired at an alarming rate, but you won’t outrun the burn by disconnecting the internet. As Oscar Wilde said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. And the more she talks about you, usually, the more she cares.

Juniper says: Ugh, Anti-Social. I despise wall posts that come across my news feed with the gory details of relationship issues. I say you have every right to tell her you are uncomfortable with this over-sharing to everyone and their dog-team. Suggesting that she could post something like “I am so upset right now” might be a good compromise. It’s vague enough, will get her the attention she’s seeking and her close friends will give her a call to talk about how much of a jerk you are in person.

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