Northern Romance, May 2, 2013

Q: There is this woman I have known for a few years now and I know she is single. I asked her out for coffee about a year ago and she said no. Lately I have been running into her again and I have been striking up conversation. I still really want to get to know her better. I also know she likes to run, so I have been wearing my road relay shirt if I know I will be seeing her, hoping that this will help me converse a little more easily with her. She must know I am interested. How do I go about asking her out again? Or should I just hang around and hope that she will ask me out?

-Pining away in Pelly

Charlie says: Interesting passive aggressive approach. But as Ben Franklin used to say: He that lives upon hope will die fasting.” It might be better to grow a set and ask her out again (things change) or make your own running plans and invite her. But be sure running is really an interest of yours. If she actually does take the hint and asks you to be part of her Road Relay team, having to perform CPR on your out-of-shape body might be not the most attractive method of getting her to kiss you.

Juniper says: I am guessing that you have written to us about this because your gut is saying she’s not interested and you are trying to get a different opinion, well you’re not going to find that here. You might be finding ways to “run” into her and unless she is lingering or finding ways to see you, she hasn’t changed her mind over the last year. My advice is to stop stalking her, because women talk and soon you will have the reputation of being that creepy guy in town.

Q: In the five years we have been married, my wife has never showed any interest in working-out, but lately she seems to have developed an obsession with it, even though I tell her she looks great. What do you make of this?

-Couch Potato in Crestview

Charlie says: It could be an inspiring commitment to fitness, an impressive show of will power — or a red flag that she is planning on leaving you. Increasing one’s market value is a tried and true technique for people entering the singles world. Might be worth talking to her — or investing in a Mustang convertible.

Juniper says: Dear Couch Potato, now would be a good time for you to pry yourself away from the playoffs , beer and buddies and assess how your relationship is going. Does she seem happy? Do you communicate and spend quality time together? She could have a bit of spring fever, which grips the best of us as we try to find an energy outlet, however this sudden affinity for working out could also be a potential indicator that she is honing her body in preparation to re-enter the dating world.

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