Northern Romance, February 13, 2014

Dear Juniper and Johnny,

My girlfriend and I were casually discussing the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use plan that was just released and we ended up getting into a very heated argument that ended in her never wanting to speak to me again. I am also having a tough time seeing her side of the argument. I had no idea she was so pro-development. I just assumed she would think that the pristine area should be protected. What should I do?

– Don’t-wanna-be-single-by-Valentine’s-Day on Judge St.

Juniper says:

Oh Valentine’s Day… combining matters of the “Hart” and the heart are just simply un-a-Peel-ing. But now that you’ve mixed them, it is important for both of you to see where the other one is coming from. Maybe a good Valentine’s Day activity for the two of you could be to pick up the actual Peel Plan and give it a thorough read, you might be surprised to find that you aren’t as polarized as you thought.

Johnny says:

You should look at this as a good test of your relationship. Sometimes you need to see your partner’s perspective, or at least agree to disagree. At first, Juniper didn’t want me going to the peelers during Rendezvous, even though it was just for an innocent good time with the guys. Once I explained that she was the only pristine wilderness for me, she was much more understanding and we didn’t let such a minor issue ruin a wonderful relationship.

Hi Ms. Frost and Mr. Snowshoe,

There’s this guy I have become pretty good friends with and we’ve always had a good time together. He has recently become single and I have also realized that I have developed a crush on him and I would like to move out of the friend zone, but I am very different from any of the girls he has dated and I am worried that I am not his type. Help!

– Scared of rejection in Takhini South

Johnny says:

I’m a man of action and I think you need to cut right to the chase. Make it your goal to tell him straight up before the Red Lantern is awarded in the Yukon Quest. Next time the opportunity presents itself, tell him how you feel and if he doesn’t see you in that way at least you’ll know. If you drag it out with hints and innuendos, he won’t clue in, and you’ll both end up confused. Most guys prefer when you keep it simple and since you seem to have fun together, you are probably already the lead dog in his eyes.

Juniper says:

Don’t be scared and just do a little bit of investigative work before risking the friendship, and by that I mean study his behaviour. Does he drop everything to talk to you? Will he go out of his way to see you or call you? If the answer is yes to both, then I would agree with Johnny. Go for it before he sets his sights on another. Fresh meat is scarce in the middle of a Yukon winter.

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