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Two evenings of French cabaret theatre are coming on Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 24.

The shows are presented by Art-Lequin Theatre and the cultural branch of l’Association franco-yukonnaise (l’AFY) as part of Les Rendez-vous de la francophonie 2012.

It’s been awhile since we have seen a French variety show in Whitehorse. Robert Gagnon, initiator of the project and director of the show, is well-known in the community as an actor, board member and director of many Art-Lequin Theatre productions.

He also directed the Gala de la francophonie in 2010 and 2011.

The first show, on March 16, features readings and monologues by local francophone artists, with musical performances by Hélène Beaulieu.

Gagnon says Cabaret Théâtre is a good place to discover new talents.

“It’s the kind of show where you can expect to be surprised! For instance, Émélie Caron, known as an actress, will do a musical performance with Hélène Beaulieu. Émélie has such a beautiful voice,” he says.

To open the show, prepare to be shaken by an interpretation of Le Cube, a text from Les Zapartistes(a humour and activist group from Québec), interpreted by Simon Émard.

This strong text about the absurd and tremendous influence of corporations is based on the recent control of information by Power Corp. and the revival of Canada’s uranium industry.

Cabaret Théâtre will also present texts by local writers.

Eden Gagné, a promising 11-year-old actress, will present her own first composition, La vie selonmoi.

“Eden was craving for a acting challenge. She wanted to be involved in a theatre project but I wasn’t sure I had something for her in this show. So she wrote her own script and made up all of the staging, says Gagnon.

Gagnon will also present a composition of his own, played by himself and Ketsia Houde, who is also regularly involved with Art-Lequin Theatre.

“It’s a real treat to do the direction for Cabaret Théâtre. It’s really casual. It’s also easier for the work and the rehearsals; everyone can practice alone or in a small work team,” Gagnon says.

“Directing a gala or a play has to be very precise and rigorous. A cabaret allows us to improvise. We can ourselves be surprised by what will come out of this show!”

The Cabaret Théâtre will take place in the community hall of the Centre de la francophonie at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door.

The second Cabaret Théâtre will be on March 24, with more talent and surprises. Check the calendar at http://www.rvf.ca/home.php for details.

Les Rendez-vous de la francophonie 2012

The 14th edition of Les Rendez-vous de la francophonie takes place from March 9 to 25.

This national event celebrates the francophonie by inviting all French communities in the country to organize cultural and social activities for everyone. The events are advertised in the national web calendar at http://www.rvf.ca/home.php

In the Yukon, many events are scheduled in the Yukon, including music shows, radio shows, exhibitions, brunch and sugar shack. Check the website for more information.

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