Seasonal Change

A winter scene while driving in a car
A winter scene while driving in a car. Photo: Pixabay

We are in a state of seasonal change. Not only is the weather changing, but the roads are changing as well. This change can sometimes happen dramatically and quickly, so we need to change our driving attitudes as well.

There are several changes that need to happen at this time of year.

Firstly, we need to maintain our vehicle so it is in good working order for winter. The most-important thing is that we need to change our tires. Our cars are essentially “our tires.” Now is not the time to be driving on summer tires; we need to make sure we get winter tires on our car. This will give us the ability to handle the car, as well as having more stopping power in the winter season. Please do not wait until that first snowfall to make the change. Do it now and be prepared for that first snowfall.

Secondly, we need to change our driving style. Visibility changes and changing road surfaces make driving a little more difficult and riskier than during summer months. The most-important thing we can do is to slooow down. Just because the speed limit says 50, is it safe to do 50? Drive according to road conditions so you have time to predict, prepare and then have the ability to stop safely.

Visibility is also extremely important. It is as important to be seen as it is to see. Turn on your headlights (relying on daytime running lights is not enough). In many vehicles, daytime running lights will not turn on the tail lights. Without tail lights in foggy, snowy weather, you become invisible from behind.

Also, clear the snow, ice and frost off of your vehicle. If your car is covered with snow, ice and frost, it is nearly impossible to see anything. We can never use the defense “It’s not my fault, I didn’t see you.” You have the ability to be seen; you also need to take steps to be able to see.

Please—this winter—change your tires, clean your car off … and slow down.

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