Shandaa (In my Lifetime) – Chih Ahaa

William Ch’itzee (Fort McPherson), ganaldaii (I remembered)
Belle Herbert (Chalkyitsik), ganalydaii.
Rev. James and Sarah Simon (Fort McPherson), ganaldaii.
Special Constable Thomas Njootli (Aklavik), ganaldaii.
Persis Kendi (Women’s Auxilliary, Mayo), ganaldaii.
Rev. James Gilbert (Arctic Village), ganaldaii.
George Robert (Fort McPherson), ganaldaii.
Eunice Carney (Fort Yukon), ganaldaii.
Rev. Jim Edwards (Aklavik), ganaldaii.
Chief Simon Francis (Aklavik), ganaldaii.
Charles Koe (Fort McPherson), ganaldaii.
Kenneth McDonald (Fairbanks), ganaldaii.
Rev. Phillip and Abbie Peter (Fort Yukon), ganaldaii.
Peter and Clara Tizya (Vancouver), ganaldaii.
Joe and Annie Henry (Moosehide), ganaldaii.
Uncle Chief Randall Baalam (Birch Creek), ganaldaii.
Stephen Peter (Arctic Village), ganaldaii.
Charlie Peter (Fort Yukon), ganaldaii.
Rev. Richard Martin (Moosehide), ganaldaii.
Chief Johnny Kay (Fort McPherson), ganaldaii.
Susie Paul (Edith’s brother, Eagle), ganaldaii.
Victor Stewart (Aklavik), ganaldaii.
Alex Greenland (Inuvik), ganaldaii.

by Allan Benjamin “CHIH AHAA” from Old Crow
When I was a kid, this Elder gave me a Gwich’in name, “CHIH AHAA”.
Translated, it means “walking ahead.”

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