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Spring rendezvous in the midnight sun

Her Majesty’s Royal Feast is a fine dining event during Sourdough Rendezvous. PHOTOS: Manu Kegenhoff

On June 7, the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous (YSR) will host their first spring auction, a must-add for everyone’s calendar. The event will take place at Lumel Studios at 6 p.m. and will feature special guests that you won’t want to miss. It will include a live auction, along with a silent auction to kickstart summer fundraising for the upcoming winter Sourdough Rendezvous.

The spring auction will feature dinner, with entertainment brought to life by the YSR cancan dancers and the Yukon Snowshoe Shufflers, along with a guest appearance by the one and only Queen Lisa. It will also be comprised of original Rendezvous history items, door prizes and a demo from Lumel Studios, the amazing sponsor and host venue for this event.

Rendezvous has some very special auction items in store for this year, which many of us die-hard Rendezvous-goers would be honoured to have. A highlight is the Golden Ticket, a pass that gives the lucky owner backstage access to Rendezvous events during winter 2019.

Another sought-after item to be auctioned is a spot on the cancan bus on Rendezvous Friday. The highest bidder will spend the day with the gorgeous cancan ladies, go where they go, see what they see, get into the bars and venues with them and enjoy the thrill of being with them for a full day of Rendezvous festivities.

Other items up for auction, to keep on the look out for, are vintage memorabilia, such as past souvenir programs—some even dating back 50 years.

But the most special prize of the evening (something not even the highest bidder can buy) will be the ability to share past Rendezvous experiences, create fresh ones and to be part of the start of a new spring Rendezvous tradition.

This event hopes to give everyone, including those who have participated (and continue to participate) in Rendezvous, a chance to get together with old friends, to reconnect and to meet new, like-minded friends … all while indulging in a laugh about the good times shared over the years. Rendezvous aims to reunite old alumni while also bringing together the community for a night to remember, with upbeat performances, a fiery demonstration, sensational characters and a chance to reminisce during an auction of past Rendezvous memorabilia and experiences.

The executive director for Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous, Dave Blottner, expressed that Rendezvous is hoping that the auction will be an annual event, as well as an opportunity to meet with Rendezvous alumni, volunteers and other members of the community. He also said that he thinks this event will be a great chance to receive feedback, generate new ideas and assure that the Rendezvous committee is headed in the right direction for the 2019 winter festival.

We all know Rendezvous as a wonderful winter extravaganza that keeps many of us going through the long, dark, cold winters. This spring auction gives all Rendezvous fans and Yukoners an opportunity to gather and socialize when it’s not –25℃ outside … so, leave your hats and mitts at home and make sure to stop by and share your thoughts, ideas and stories—this time in a much-warmer setting under the Yukon’s midnight sun.

Rendezvous In the Old Days

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