Plans are under way for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) annual general meeting in early January. I will post the time and place on our website when the information becomes available.

Some of the old board members are stepping aside to do other things, so there is a great need for people to step up and get involved. If you decide to be on the board you can choose to pursue whatever initiatives you are interested in.

There is great flexibility as to what can be done. GALA isn’t only about planning social activities.

One of the ideas that have been bandied about is accessing funding for a section of the library dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues. People who are just coming out have told me that they can find no literature at the library. This seems like a really good project to pursue.

With PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) opening a chapter in Whitehorse it also gives GALA an organization to perhaps partner with on projects or social events.

If you would like to see something happen in the community then getting involved on the GALA board is the best way to do it.

There is a new venue for the community to meet and mingle in Whitehorse. The Edgewater Hotel is now hosting a weekly Pride gathering in The Edge Bar and Grill. It will happen every Wednesday night and will feature special appetizers and cocktails.

No other establishment in Whitehorse has decided, on its own, to host a night just for the queer community, so this is a really cool thing that they are doing. It would be great to see the community come together and support their initiative.

After five years of writing this column, I have decided to seek other writers in the community to contribute to it. If there is anyone who would be interested in writing the Rainbow column let us know.

Rainbow is a voluntary gig that gives the community a voice. It has a weekly deadline and good editors who will guide you in getting the column done each week.

My years writing this column have helped me to meet new people. The people that really stick out in my mind are the ones who contacted me because they were just coming out and didn’t know whom to contact in the community. Some of these people are now in my circle of friends.

There have been opportunities to meet cool talents like singer-songwriter Kate Reid, who contacted me after reading my column while criss-crossing the territory during her recent music tour. We sat down over coffee and I ended up with a great interview (and a new Facebook friend).

I also find it fun when I am recognized because of the column. I just started a new job and was talking to a new co-worker and she recognized me immediately from the column and told me how much she enjoyed it.

It’s great when gay people are recognized positively and publicly in this way.

Writing for Rainbow is a rewarding gig that can be really fun to do and I think a fresh perspective would breathe some new life into it.

I hope to continue contributing on occasion, but dedicated gay writers with a flair for stories about our community is what we’re looking for. So if you are a member of the gay community and feel you have something to contribute then contact us.