Yukoner Produces CD-less CD

It is becoming the way of it.

Downloading music from the Internet is rapidly taking over how people listen to music. The new reality is a wakeup call to a radio geek like me.

Since the primordial epoch of the humble Walkman, the idea of a personal soundtrack to mist you throughout the day with audio perfume has become as common as brushing teeth or shaving.

Artists in growing numbers are embracing downloading as a way to get their work heard. Rather than get swept up in deriding downloading as bad, some are using the Internet as a means of production.

This online, technological, cottage industry is an important method of product delivery for artists to consider. You bypass The Man and get the files to the people directly.

Derek Joseph Holmes has taken the great leap forward to release a 10-song album, The Garden through the music site www.noisehead.com.

Holmes has set out a fine collection of music, stories and tales that seems too personal to be available via wireless to your computer.

If you like a fingerpicking groove with lyrics that speak to real humanity, this is the music for you. I hear echoes of early James Taylor within them: at times, you may feel floaty and dreamlike.

Holmes has a good handle on the ballads he writes. His choruses are memorable and sharp, snapping you back to the verse as great ballads are wont.

Sweet Shiney Apples speaks of an immigrant who flees famine, survives an ocean crossing and a lifetime of backbreaking work, yet treasures love above all.

Chasing Buffalo examines the family farm and the hardship, not only of the land but also on the mind of people who try to hold this existence together:

“And I know my grandfather could not produce my daughter, but I know she’ll trade this farm one day, for an ordinary life”.

The nearly ambient Canvas and String is a beautiful sentiment of acceptance and respect of an artistic friend. The feeling of this song is completely natural and incredibly romantic. The choice of electric guitar and echo gently pierces the heart of this song, lifting and suspending the lyric by a fine thread of sound.

Holmes’ use of the Fender Telecaster is a fine choice of guitar for this track.

This album is only available electronically so you will have to get online to enjoy the tunes and support this Yukon artist.

Get thee to www.noisehead.com and search for Derek Joseph Holmes. From his page, you can preview a song, leave a message and then login to download the track for 69 cents.

In these dark days of download persecution, it is good to see an artist taking a stand for his craft and delivering the goods at a darn good price. For a fraction of the price of a CD, you can get a full album of songs to add to the soundtrack of your day.

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