New Free Film-and-Chat Series Has a Place for You on the Couch

It’s a nice feeling when you come up with an idea for good times with people, and you make it happen, and it works.

That’s what’s going on with Heather Finton and Bianca Martin right now. They came up with the idea of hosting a series of free film-and-chat nights at the Sundog Retreat and they’re hoping the idea takes off.

“The idea is to connect with people,” said Finton, who owns the Sundog Retreat, a hotel located 25 minutes northeast of Whitehorse city centre. “It’s very informal. We just wanted to give the opportunity for people to see interesting, inspirational films and relax and talk about them afterwards.”

So far, Finton and Martin have chosen four documentaries that they have seen and liked.

The first film-and-chat night was on Nov. 1. The next one is on Thursday, Nov. 15 and the movie they’ll be showing on is “Ram Dass: Fierce Grace.”

Ram Dass is a documentary about a Jewish American man who got tuned onto religion through LSD advocate Timothy Leary, dove into Hinduism in the 1960s, changed his name to Ram Dass, and has devoted his life to living spiritually and assisting others.

Bianca Martin, an employee of the Sundog Retreat and co-organizer of the film-and-chat series, said she chose that film to share with people because it tells the story of a man who has lived his life as a spiritual leader, suffered a stroke, and has continued teaching.

“It’s his insights on his life’s work and staying humble and the impermanence and spontaneity of life,” said Martin. “He really humanizes himself and it’s just a really beautiful movie.”

The next film-and-chat night will be Thursday, Dec 13 and they’ll be showing “Man on a Wire,” which is about a tightrope walker that follows his impulses, such as walking a wire between the Twin Towers in New York before they fell.

“He really challenges himself without asking the reason why he does things,” said Martin. “You get inspired by him. You watch this man and he just goes for it.”

The night after that will be Thursday, Jan. 17 and if the concept is popular then they’ll plan more – and folks are invited to suggest films to show at future film-and-chat nights.

The film planned for Jan. 17 is “Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames,” which tells the story of the life of Woodman, a Canadian Jungian analyst, lecturer, and poet.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Finton. “I find it inspiring partly because of her age – she’s in her 80s… She’s a very feisty spirit and she didn’t have any lack of energy or enthusiasm at all at that age, and I find that personally inspiring.”

The free film-and-chat series is taking place at Sundog Retreat on Thursday, Nov. 8, Dec. 13 and Jan. 17. The films will start at 7 p.m. Admission is free. The retreat is located on Policeman’s Point Road, 25 minutes northeast of Whitehorse city centre. For more information email Heather Finton at [email protected]

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