All That Glitters at the Copper Moon

Polished semi-precious gemstones mingle with intricate silver work. Pendants hang pendulously from delicate chains. Jewellers of the Yukon, seven in total, have come together at Copper Moon Gallery for an all-jewellery art show.

Nerissa Rosati, the owner of Copper Moon, says, “We had space for a December show and wanted to bring in something unique. We wanted to take jewellery artists and give them a space to display their artwork. It’s not a bazaar or craft sale; it’s an exhibit.”

The artists all have different styles, ranging from gemstones, to silversmithing, gold-nugget work, to healing stones.

Sheila Alexandrovich’s art is based on beaded leather work, an intricate and beautiful art that combines history with contemporary jewellery. In contrast, Karyn Armour uses large gemstones in big, heavy pendants.?The pendants make a bold statement with anyone who wears them. Each stone has a path it has travelled, and the artists who use gemstones discuss how the stones are from around the world and have special stories.

“It’s very interesting where some of these gemstones were found,” says Rosati. “Each artist provides a write-up to inform gallery visitors of the location the stones were found and, in Karyn’s case, the metaphysical properties of the stones.”

The notion that various stones have healing powers is a facet of Armour’s work and, with that added dimension, she creates artwork with healing, health and spirituality in mind. Armour’s work emphasizes that every piece of artwork tells a story.

Similar to Karyn Armour, Inge Sumanik uses gemstones in her works. The pieces are smaller, more-delicate and artfully arranged, strewn across driftwood logs.

Fellow artist Brian Nowazek moves in a different direction with turquoise and silver, appearing organic but on an entirely different modern-day aesthetic. The bright-blue contrasts with the shiny silver, and Nowazek’s work, although markedly different, blends well with the rest of the artists’ works.

Like Nowazek, Tanya Kennedy works with silver, although the turquoise is primarily Nowazek’s realm. Kennedy’s skilled metalwork is evocative and intriguing.

With a nod to Yukon Gold Rush heritage, Atlin-based artist Kathryn Taylor works gold nuggets into various artistic arrangements.

The gallery offers a multifaceted look at various skilled jewellers working in the Yukon. All of the artwork reflects the varied and rich inspiration of the North, bringing in outside influences and working them into an entirely Yukon perspective.

The gallery is strewn with earthy driftwood, a bamboo plant and wall-mounted art pieces to showcase the natural and primal jewellery. It’s an organic and strong layout, and really emphasizes the local, wild flavour of the art.

The Jewels of Copper Moon runs until Jan. 5 and is a perfect place to explore exotic and unique jewellery from local artists.

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