Bohemian Belles

The Bohemian look will always be a classic. It may seem effortless but it really is anything but.

It’s a style that comes together by matching up items in your closet that you definitely did not purchase all in the same shopping trip.

It will almost always consist of at least one item obtained from a second-hand shop and be a mixture of fun bold prints and interesting colours (think of your grandmother’s patio furniture set).

As well, sometimes just being from the Yukon makes you a tad bit Bohemian – extra points if you’re in Dawson City.

The Bohemian look is inspired by 1960s vintage – the era I’ve always felt I was supposed to be in when I was 20 years old. So it was only natural I was drawn to these two ladies and their great Bohemian style.

Where did you get each item you’re wearing?

Sandrine Schmidt-Landry:

Belt: Salvation Army

Shirt: A friend gave it to me

Skirt: A Salvation Army in Quebec. I remade it because there was a hole in it

Hat: Eva B. on St. Laurent St., Montreal

Beth Larrivee-Woods:

T-shirt: Value Village

Tights: Are so old I can’t remember

Boots: Uggs

Skirt: At a booth at a Canada Day Parade in Langley

Earrings: I bought on Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Is there an interesting story to something that you’re wearing right now?

SSL: [My hat] came from this store called Eva B. in Montreal. It’s a really cool place, there are lots of costumes and used clothing.

BLW: Not really, except that I used to have a lot of these type of skirts. I kind of inherited a bunch off of friends’ parents when I was going to school, a fine arts school, in Langley.

But they were all vintage from the ’70s so they easily wore out. And when I found a pile of them at this little Indian booth in Langley, I thought, “Yes! I hit the jackpot!”

What is the most important article of clothing in your wardrobe?

SSL: A hoodie.

BLW: I have a little black dress that barely covers my bum that I like wearing with red leggings and black boots.

If you could choose a theme song for your life what would it be?

SSL: “Paysage”, by Les Colocs.

BLW: “12:59 Lullaby”, by Bedouin Soundclash.

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