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Step into the world of projection design and you’ll see anything is possible.

Images can be displayed on screens behind the actors and these images can be constantly moving and changing.

Even just the way lights move across the stage can create a set in itself.

Different backdrops can be projected on a screen – or even on the performers.

The spectrum of visual effects that can be created is infinite.

Projection design can be instrumental in bringing the story to life – anything can be projected. The stage can be transformed into a city, airfield, haunted house, a wild jungle… Projection design can also create an abstract mixture of colours and patterns to add depth and emotion to the stage.

On May 6 to 8 Whitehorse visual effects enthusiasts can have the opportunity to delve into this art, as the Open Pit Theatre has organized a weekend long Projection Design Workshop.

Geneviève Doyon, an artistic director at Open Pit Theatre, is excited about the upcoming workshop.

“This workshop is open to anybody and is very hands-on,” she says.

During the course of three days, participants will be given projectors to use and will create their own projects under the direction of award-winning Canadian production designer Jamie Nesbitt.

“We are really lucky to have Jamie come up here, he is very approachable and makes projection designing fun,” Doyon says.

For those who currently work in theatre, this workshop will be a real treat. For the individuals who are just starting to have an interest in the technical side of theatre, Doyon hopes they will really enjoy being exposed to the field of projection design.  “Here in the Yukon, we don’t really have a large skill-set in projection design. It will be nice to have people come out and see everything that is involved in this field,” Doyon says.

Projection design can be broken down into many different avenues, Doyon says, however, the two main components are mapping and image treatment. Mapping is when the  art form projects images on any surface, to create an interactive 3D effect. The second is image treatment, which allows certain properties of the image to be adjusted, such as shadows, blending, clarity, etc.

After the workshop is finished an open house event will take place so participants can present what they have been working on. All are welcome to drop by and see the colourful works of art.

The Projection Design Workshop is intended for videographers, multimedia artists, performers, musicians, directors and set and lighting designers – and anyone with an interest.

The workshop fee includes a copy of projection design software. It takes place May 6 to 8. There is only room for 10 participants, so register online or email Jessica Hickman at [email protected] for more information.

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