Didee & Didoo: Mouth of the Peel

Everyone knows Neil
An’ he’s from the mouth of the Peel.
Neil is a famous person
Who comes from Ft. McPherson.
Neil is even known down south
‘Cause he tells stories with his mouth.
Neil is a friend to everyone
And he knows how to have fun.
Ladies like to dance with Neil
‘Cause he enjoys the fiddle reel.
Mr. Colin was a traditional man
An’ he always live out on the land.
He knows how to call moose
An’ he can make the sound of a goose.
Neil was a man of many words
He spoke to protect our caribou herds.
He always had a lot to say
And he’s always at midway.
Neil was born with a funny bone
He like to tell stories on the microphone.
Neil always talk on CBQM airwaves
Or else he’s on the Peel River waves.
Neil always tell traditional jokes
He was a friend to young an’ old folks.

by Allan Benjamin “CHIH AHAA” from Old Crow
When I was a kid, this Elder gave me a Gwich’in name, “CHIH AHAA”.
Translated, it means “walking ahead.”

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