The Carcross sargent flew the torch to Old Crow
An’ our job was to take it to Ft. McPherson.
The torch will travel to every Ranger patrol
To commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday.
There were six of us Rangers
And we were on a mission.
We had to pass the Ranger Torch
To the Ft. McPherson Ranger patrol.
We used our snow machines and sleds
And we travelled on the winter road.
We left Old Crow on March 19, 2018
An’ we arrived at Ft. McPherson on the 21st.
We were all dressed in our Ranger uniforms
An’ there was a presentation in the church.
There was a Canadian Ranger ceremony
An’ our sargent passed the torch over.
We travelled from Eagle Plains
An’ we set out tents at Anik Island.
We went on a five days snow machine trip
Our Ranger patrol travelled 570 kilometres.
We arrived back home on March 23rd
We were all proud to be Rangers.